Tully Sugar has structured the environmental management system based on Australian and international standards. Sustainable sugar cane production and factory operations focuses on limiting erosion, minimising chemical application and reducing run-off from the factory and farms into valuable waterways and the Great Barrier Reef.


Tully Sugar is participating in a government initiative known as the Major Integrated Project (MIP) which is centred on the Tully and South Johnstone catchments. The MIP will run for three years and is designed to increase the sustainability of agricultural systems in the wet tropics with up to $19 million allocated to the project based on three main areas:

  1. Water quality monitoring
  2. Farm Advisory services.
  3. System Repair processes

For the system repair component, Tully Sugar has made land available on the Syndicate farm to develop a large wetland area, at no cost.  The area, a total of 12 hectares, was largely underutilised for cattle grazing due to water-logging issues and at times became a pest harbourage area.

After a thorough consultation and design process, construction of the wetlands began late in 2018 before the onset of the wet season.

Once completed this project will be a classic win-win for the industry as it will help improve water quality from runoff from the adjacent agricultural areas as well as improve the overall aesthetic appeal for the community with this area next to a designated road. An added benefit will be an improved site for bird habitat.

Both the TSL Farm Manager and TSL Cane Productivity & Development Manager are involved and the whole process is strongly supported by the TSL CEO, Shunjie Guo and COO, John Edwards, further demonstrating our commitment to the project.

To learn more, visit the Terrain NRM website.

Smartcane BMP

Smartcane BMP is a Best Management Practice system for sugarcane farming in Queensland founded by Canegrowers Ltd and supported by the Queensland government. Smartcane BMP aims at improving the productivity and sustainability of cane farming industry. There are seven modules in total, three of them are core modules, including irrigation, pest control and soil management.

BMP accreditation is a way that  growers can document and celebrate the professional manner in which their farms are run. Tully Sugar’s farms are just some of many in the Tully region who have gained accreditation over the last few years.  BMP Certificate


Tully Sugar Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chinese agribusiness company COFCO. We operate one of the largest sugar mills in Australia based in the regional township of Tully, located on the Bruce Highway in Far North Queensland.

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